• -IP-PBX with External IP
    • -Data Connection with QoS (recommended minimum of 80 kbps per concurrent call, plus bandwidth for fluctuation, and for internet browsing as needed)
    • -QoS enabled Network (Recommended)
    • -IP Phones/Soft Phones as applies to your application
    • -Network switches & routers as needed by customer
    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (IP). VoIP phone service operates by using your high-speed Internet connection to transfer your voice calls. As opposed to a traditional landline, VoIP uses your IP-phone or soft-phone on your computer to place and receive calls. The call is sent over the Internet in & out to the PSTN Network (Plan Switched Telephone Network).
    SIP, short for Session Initiation Protocol is the most common IP telephony signaling protocol used to establish, modify and terminate VoIP telephone calls. SIP Trunks are simply the path that SIP signals are being transferred in and out from your IP-Phone/Soft Phone.
    • #1 - Select a Plan & Register HERE(www.Voipdialing.com/siptrunks/index/plan/)
    • #2 - Confirm Your Email, then Login
    • #3 - Enter Your PBX external IP address
    • You're Ready to Dial! At this point, you can use your free-dial minutes, add funds to your account and order Phone Numbers as needed.
    Upon your account being verified, you can start dialing Immediately!
    As soon as you register and confirm your email address, you will have $5 of free dialing minutes in your account, which will allow you to place outgoing calls of up to 1 minute each. This gives you the opportunity to configure the settings on your IP-PBX and test for quality to your satisfaction. Once you are satisfied, and ready to go forward with adding funds to your account, your account will be transferred from test-dial mode to live operational mode, and you will be charged for every call based on the plan you selected.
    We guarantee satisfaction! If you are not happy, we will issue a full refund of the remaining unused minutes purchased on your account. Before you leave be sure that you have the proper bandwidth and configuration to get the best out of our VoIP Services (See Minimum Requirements). We stand behind our product and want you to enjoy VoIP Dialing & the HUGE Savings we provide!! There is no refund on used minutes or setup fees (such as Phone Number fees), at anytime.
    We support most Audio Codec protocols available in the VoIP Industry.
    SIP: G711-ULaw, G711, ALaw, G729, H323, GSM610, GSM729 and others.
    Traditional Fax: T.38 pass-through.
    vFax: Contact Us.
    Video: H.264 or H.263.
    For more customizable solution please submit your request HERE.
    For one of the recommended & detailed speed tests - Click Here(voipdialing.com/speedtest)
    Allow TCP/UDP ports 5060, 5061, and 5068 (for SIP) - Allow UDP ports 8500-59999 (for RTP)
    Excellent! The quality of VoIP voice has dramatically improved over the past few years; it is now at or above the quality of a landline phone. However, voice clarity depends on the speed and quality of your broadband connection. You should maintain QoS connection at all times, to allow priority to SIP Sessions over standard internet browsing. VoIPDialing has a complete network dedicated for VoIP only, with a high QoS environment. We are not responsible for interference caused by your network and/or your connection.
    To get VoIP calls you will need the following: Internet connection, Recommended Minimum bandwidth of 80 Kbps per concurrent call (plus bandwidth for fluctuation, and for internet browsing as needed), IP-PBX with External IP, IP-Phones or Soft-Phones as applies to your application, QoS enabled Network (recommended), Network as needed by your application (gateway/switcher/routers/wires, etc), Activate your VoIPDialing account and start dialing
    Most providers allow number portability, so you can use the same number you had with your traditional phone provider. Submit porting request after you login to your account. Each request may take up to 30 days, varies by the releasing provider, and does not guarantee success in case your provider does not release the number. You may also order new Phone Numbers once you login to your account.
    By default your new Phone Numbers are not configured with E911 & E411 directory listing services, as our services are intended for business only and optimization of your VoIPDialing benefits. But, if you are interested in such services, please order through the contact form, after logging into your account. Fees may apply.
    Yes, you can select an area code different from the area in which you are located. Simply select a Phone Number number of an area code of your choice, which will be pointed to your system.
    Easy installation, easy configuration, more robust tools & reporting to enhance your innovation. Basically it takes the traditional phone calls and put various statistics into your computer and allows a more sophisticated routing, to increase conversion. Such features and benefits vary between the different IP Telephony Systems.
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